Specifications & Features: 
- Casing size: 60cm (W) X 38cm (H) X 7cm (D) for 2 sides 
- Character size: 5.5 KG for double side 
- 150 Meters read ability 
- Display in & out player’s number or extra minutes after game time. 
- Count down function for extra game. (Better use adaptor) 
- Battery (Li-Ion 2AH), 60 minutes maximum for continuous use. (Full charged)  Switch off when not in use. Rechargeable battery, charger included.  
- Display GREEN (in) on left and RED (out) on right 
- Battery capacity indication when power on. (6 bars full, less than 3 bars charging required) 
- Micro processor design, easy to use 


1. Power on the switch on top. The battery capacity indication will be shown at right 2 digits. 
2. Press “In” number then “Out” number and press “CALL” to flash number. 
3. Press “RST” and you may change the number again. When display shows “00 00” and press “RST” will blank all the 4 digits.  
4. Press “FUN” button will blank the digit. For example, you may press “_4_ _” or “_400” for display extra game time 4 minutes after end of 90 minutes. Press “FUN” again, it will count down from “359” till “000”, press “FUN” again will stop counting down. 
5. Switch off when not in use to save battery capacity. 
6. Use the 12V adaptor to charge and turn off the display. Overheating may occur if the display is left on. 
7. Charging time for more than 5 hours to get fully charged. It will automatically cut off charging when fully charged.